Phone Intercom & Data
Plan ahead and prewire for all possible phone, data and intercom locations throughout your home.

TV Prewire
Prewire for all your TV locations and hide sources, such as DirecTV boxes, in closets or at a centralized location where they can be distributed to all TV's in your home.

Audio Prewire
Plan ahead and prewire for all speaker and audio control locations. Whether you plan to install speakers right away or in the future, it's best to run the wires before drywall.

Automation Prewire
Prewire for integrated systems like Motorized Shades and control devices such as In-Wall iPads.  Think ahead and wire for any systems that you want to control now or in the future.

Cellular Booster Prewire
Prewire your home for a cellular booster system in case your service provider signal is not sufficient.

Surveillance Prewire
Prepare your home for surveillance wire for interior and exterior cameras.  Plan ahead and cover all possible locations and determine how many cameras you want at a later date.

Alarm Prewire
Prewire and install all accessible door and windows contacts in addition to wiring for alarm keypads, sirens, motion sensors, smoke/heat detectors and carbon monoxide detectors.